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Ears naturally create wax in order to protect and lubricate the inner ear. Earwax is excellent for keeping debris out of the ear and hindering the growth of bacteria. Some individuals naturally produce a lot of earwax, which leads to the ears becoming blocked. Blockages can occur if there is too much wax in the ear, or the earwax becomes hardened. When the ears are blocked with earwax, it can become uncomfortable and disconcerting when it impacts hearing.

Ear syringing is a quick and easy solution to clear blocked ears effectively. After your ear syringing in Chelsea, your hearing will be improved, and you will feel pressure relieved from within the ears.

What Is Ear Syringing Chelsea?

Ear syringing in Chelsea is a routine medical procedure which removes any excess earwax from the ear safely. If the wax is left for too long without being removed, it can cause damage to the ear canal and drum. This can lead to problems with hearing, such as hearing loss and tinnitus. Ear syringing in Chelsea will safely remove excess earwax to minimise the risk of damage to the inner ear.

Before ear syringing takes place, Dr Victoria Owen will inspect the ear to see the level of wax build-up. After this inspection, a syringe tool is used to insert water or a water-saline solution to flush out excess wax effectively. During the procedure, you might feel slight discomfort due to the influx of water, but this will pass shortly. After ear syringing, you should notice the results instantly including improved hearing.

Why Choose Dr Victoria Owen?

Dr Victoria Owen is a highly experienced private general practitioner offering a personal service to patients in Chelsea and beyond. She is a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCOGP), The Independent Doctors Federation, Chelsea Clinic Society and the Royal Society of Medicine.

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