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Many people neglect their healthcare because access isn’t as convenient as they would like. Finding a good GP in your local area is not always possible and those looking for GP in their specific locale, may make the decision to choose private practice. Dr Victoria Owen is a private GP in SW1W, perfectly located for residents and those who work in the area.

In the UK we do have the privilege of essential healthcare services provided for free via the NHS. However, patients still look to private practice because of the benefits it offers. The NHS system is effective and the envy of other countries who have no free provision, however many patients still opt for private doctors and GPs. Here is a closer look at why there’s a real attraction for and benefit to choosing a private doctor.

Speed and Flexibility

Speed is a key determining factor which sees many patients seek a private GP. Private doctors have more availability. They can provide their services with shorter waiting times in most instances too. They also offer additional flexibility, with some offering later appointments, easier access to telephone appointments and visits to home and hospital.

Access to Experts

Private GPs may have worked in the private sector for many years, but they will still have good access to experienced professionals in other areas of medicine. They may be able to arrange referrals more quickly, including to leading private hospitals for quick results should you need a referral.

Quality Time

Appointments with private doctors tend to be longer. The doctor has time to properly assess and discuss your situation. These is never any need to rush off. There is time to discuss symptoms or existing conditions in more depth.

Improved Facilities

Many private doctors are able to invest in better facilities for their clinics. This can mean more comfortable waiting rooms and modern equipment, helping appointments feel less arduous and stressful.

Speed of Results

The private sector prides itself on expediency. Any tests or scans are processed and handled quickly. This ensures patients get their results quickly too, allowing fast movement onto the next step in any treatment or diagnosis process.

Booking an Appointment with Dr Victoria Owen

People who live or work in the local area can register with Dr Victoria Owen as their GP in SW1W. Registration is quick and easy via dropping into the clinic or online.

There are also membership options which can be an affordable way of accessing quality healthcare. You can make an appointment via the website where you can contact her team both via email on pa@drvictoriaowen.com or via telephone on 0207 730 8835.